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Print Magazines will be availble with subscriptions only. The Horse Beat will be Published quarterly. We look forward to your input.
  • The Horse Beat will soon be live!
  • We are combining the traditional, conventional Magazine and the progressive and fast way of getting information with a Website, integrating it with blogs, tips and articles on everything horse.
  • Launching in January 2012.
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Lessons From Your Horse
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  • When you're tense, let me teach you that there are lions in the woods, and we need to leave. NOW!!
  • When you're short tempered, let me teach you how to slog around the pasture for an hour before you catch me.
  • When you're short-sighted, let me teach you to figure out where, exactly, in 40 acres I'm hiding.
  • When you're quick to react, let me teach you that herbivores kick much faster than omnivores.
  • When you're worried, let me entertain you with my mystery lameness.
  • When you feel superior, let me teach you that mostly, you're the maid service.
  • When you're self-absorbed, let me teach you to pay attention!! (I told you about those lions in the woods...)
  • When you're arrogant, let me teach you what 1,200 pounds of yahoo-let's-go! Speed event horse can do when suitably inspired.
  • When you're lonely, let me be your companion. Let's do lunch. Also breakfast, dinner, and snacks.
  • When you're tired, don't forget the 600 pounds of grain that need to be unloaded.
  • When you're feeling financially secure, let me teach you the meaning of “veterinary services, additional.”
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